BrainSHARE IT History

Document Flow

01.2013 - nowadays

Organise the processes of document approval flow.

SaldeoSMART Document Flow - The document flow allows one to create any approval procedures for documents present in the organisation. The use of SaldeoSMART allows for the automation of work with the documents. View more

Document Readout

06.2012 - nowadays

System for paper and electronic documents

SaldeoSMART Document Readout – While reading documents, the system analyses the scanned documents of the company (invoices, statements, etc.) and extracts from them information necessary for approval and posting. View more


01.2010 - 11.2011

Project Management System for the Construction Business

A large system of CRM and ERP, allowing Construction companies to manage the projects. The system integrates the work of each department such as building managers, management, purchasing and supply department, preparing tenders and production accounting.

SaldeoSMART (Communication)

07.2010 - nowadays

For accounting and bookkeeping services

We developed a program for sending documents, invoices and other accounting forms to the accounting and bookeeping company. After accepting the service by the Accounting company, the Customer has the ability to send documents to the office in electronic form and store them in a specific repository. View more


05.2010 - 06.2010

System to submit holiday leave requests (Module of the Schedule)

The application allows users to submit holiday leave requests electronically for each employee. Such a request goes to the supervisor in the form of an e-mail, it can accepted or rejected. In the case of acceptance the information is sent to the HR department automatically.


08.2010 - 12.2010

Co-operation on a project for a large GSM Provider

We provided IT consultants for a large Polish telecomunications company called PTC. We designed the architecture and developed the system that enables high-performance ad serving through integration with third-party systems.


03.2011 - 11.2014

The Visual Communications, UK

We developed a system for the licensing and the sale of media – images, illustrations and video clips. This system also handles different types of licenses and calculating prices, and also supports the preparation and converting the media files. View more

(new version not deployed yet)


04.2011 - 06.2011

Find Your Business Partner, UK

Act2gether is a platform to help find business partners. The aim of the service is to connect people with ideas and concepts that need advice or resources to people who are able to provide such a service. This Service helps people connect. Integration with PayPal.

Open Horizon

05.2011 - 06.2013

e-learning platform

We maintain, support and further develop a platform that sells e-learning courses created by individual users. View more


07.2011 - 12.2012

System for car fleet management including GSM monitoring (Module of the Schedule)

We created a car fleet management system, that integrates with Google Maps, and extracts information from the GSM provider. With this solution the company can monitor the working hours of employees, mileage and fuel consumption and compare the actual trip data with the data extracted from google maps.